Our Services

/ Player Representation

Global Team Management (GTM) offers a comprehensive player and family support service to ensure all clients personal matters are efficiently dealt with. This includes all contract negotiations, legal matters, sponsorship and endorsement deals.


// 1:1 Technique Training / Team Coaching

GTM has built a working relationship with Complete Player Performance (CPP) to provide individually tailored sessions for the continued development of each client. CPP will address the technical, physical and tactical aspects of today’s game. Likewise linking in video analysis (via Hudl), and training and match analytics (via PlayerTek).

/// Player Specific Scouting

At GTM, we collaborate and work with football clubs and agencies, helping source and fill club player vacancies. The players are watched over a period of time in different conditions and against opposition of varied strength to establish whether they fit our client profile.


//// Player Healthcare

GTM have partnered with Our Game Football to provide a healthcare plan for our non league clients. With Our Game’s services you are covered for scans, consultations and rehabilitation programmes as well as payment of household bills if injured.

///// Wealth Management

GTM recognise the importance of looking after its clients financial well-being. In order to lay solid foundations for financial security, we offer the services of an independent financial advisor, advice on money management and savings schemes.